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What does EO do?

EO works with an organization's members to create a revolutionary form of organization that enables them to fulfill their workplace needs, wants, and desires.  They do this by excelling at the four conditions any organization must fulfill:

  • Fulfilling members needs, wants, and desires
  • Developing an effective social system
  • Assuring member capability to accomplish all tasks
  • Designing and implementing effective organization processes, systems, and structures  

[See — Fundamental Conceptual Framework]


What makes this form of organization revolutionary?

An organization design based on five core beliefs that comprise a wholly new organizational paradigm. These relate to:

  • Purpose
  • Structure
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Ownership

[See EO Beliefs


What are the results?

Organization members produce exceptional results and outcomes on all three dimensions of enterprise success:

  • organization [morale, retention, productivity, communication …]
  • operations [quality, efficiency, schedules …]
  • business [profitability, sales, customer benefits …]  


Who is EO?

Don Yates is the founder of EO. His experience includes:

  • Over twenty-five years experience working with clients from startups to venture capital firms to large corporations.[ list ]
  • A Stanford BS in Civil Engineering, a Harvard MBA, and a Ph.D. from the Behavioral Science area of the UCLA School of Management. [ qualifications ]
  • A personal history that has brought him to developing Extraordinary Organizations and its philosphy              [ biography ]


Who would be perfect client?

The perfect client is an inovator, explorer, or pioneer who values the human side of enterprise as much or more than the business side. [  Profile of Potential Clients ]






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