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As founder of EO Don Yates has worked with a number of different types of clients on a wide variety of projects. The following brief descriptions as well as an expanded list of representative clients give a feel for this. In the descriptions below click on the CH to read an expanded case history, which includes client comments.


3COM - Started when there were only seven employees. Worked extensively with founder, President, and all others to develop initial management team as well as foundation for operations and strategy resulting in strong organization that went on to a successful IPO and to become a leading company in its industry. CH

Aerotherm Group, Acurex – Helped Group VP build second tier management, define division strategy, and develop a new management style [Searching for an Alternative Management Style, Management Review] including a revolutionary compensation system. CH

Advanced Technology Sector, Gilbane Building Company – Helped Sector VP and Function leaders develop sector into world-class organization. CH

Chrysler Corporation, Spare Parts Division – Involved in developing new management and operating processes for whole division. Responsible for developing one spare parts depot as a model for remainder of division.

Greenhills School – Working with the Head of School over ten years as on a whole range of educational and administrative issues. CH

Pacific Bell – Worked in conjunction with Krone Associates on one of largest corporate change projects in US involving eighty outside consultants serving over one hundred internal consultants and thousands of employees.

Pinnacle Systems – Worked with CEO and top management to put in place an effective management team and to design operations processes and systems helping this video workstation company reach a successful IPO and continued success.

San Carlos Charter Learning Center – Facilitated over fifty volunteers creating California's Charter School No. 1 from forming the founding Governance Council through opening over a year later. CH

Strategos – Worked with founders of this international strategy- consulting corporation to design and implement initial organization structure, operations, processes, and philosophy. CH

Viewpoint Systems – Worked with founders of this commercial software startup to develop management team and organization and operations design. Assisted all levels of organization on operations and human relations issues.

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