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Ways of Participating

Forms of Participating

The catalyzing process is carried out in many ways. Some typical activities are:

  • One on one thinking or coaching sessions
  • Involvement in normal client activities
  • Regularly scheduled meetings
  • Group thinking or coaching sessions
  • Special meetings like offsite retreats
  • Whole company meetings, either regular or specially designed
  • Informal work or recreation events
  • Learning events like workshops, seminars, or presentations

  • Internal research and data gathering to assess the current situation
  • Developing tools or methods to improve work or thinking processes



In this electronic age the catalyst is not always physically present. Many interactions may take place by phone, or email, or even by participating in web-based community interactions. This adds tremendous flexibility to the ability to aid you regardless of geography differences. It also enhances the ability to fit your scheduling since different parties can work on common tasks but at different times.

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