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Every project is designed to meet your unique requirements. However, projects generally fall within one or more of several broad categories, including:

Creating an Extaordinary Organization
Creating a new enterprise
Virtual member of the organization  [read]
Individual support or coaching  [read]
Creating specific outcomes  [read]
Single events  [read]
Education  [read]


Creating an Extraordinary Organization

These projects are designed to create an organization capable of producing exceptional results for the members of the organization, the customer, and the business. They are pioneering in nature and go beyond traditional organizational designs and processes. This is the premier offering of Extraordinary Organizations.


Creating a New Enterprise

These projects are designed to provide a start-up or very early stage enterprise with the extra capability needed to design and build an exceptional organization from the beginning. They usually start with the original founding team or at least when the organization is in its very early stages with no more than ten to fifteen members.

These projects are valuable because most founding teams have very strong capability in technology and sometimes in business but are almost always inexperienced in new organization design and construction. The intent is to organize well from the beginning and avoid having to solve problems later.


Virtual Member of the Organization

The intention of this work is to increase the overall results of an enterprise over a fairly extended period of time. The resource catalyst operates as a virtual member of the organization and is involved in numerous situations as requested. He may also act as an investigator or researcher identifying conditions that need work.

An advantage of this type of work is that the catalyst becomes well versed in all aspects of the business as well as trusted by organization members. Thus he can provide assistance without added learning time. He can also assist in situations involving difficult interpersonal relations that require trust on the part of those involved.


Individual Support or Coaching

These projects are designed to give very close support to individuals who are in responsible roles. A very close relationship is built between the client and the catalyst so that the latter can become a trusted advisor and sounding board. They allow the catalyst to help the client extend his or her already strong capabilities to even greater heights in order to create and take advantage of possibilities that would otherwise not be possible. top


Creating Specific Outcomes

These projects are designed to create specific outcomes. These may be ones you want now but are not getting. They may also be designed to solve a particular problem or prevent a future one. For instance you might not be getting the sales you want, or turnover is too high, or you want to make certain that people will deal positively with an upcoming change.


Single Events

These projects are designed for a very specific, single event with usually rather narrow targeted outcomes. This includes situations like decision-making sessions, kickoff meetings for a major enterprise project, project design meetings, training events, or team-building retreats.

They include both the design of the event and facilitating it and are usually carried out in the context of a larger project. They are carried out on their own only when their objectives are narrow enough to be completely reached within the single event.



These projects are used when it is determined that members of an organization want increased knowledge or capability in some particular area. For instance, they might want to improve communication skills, increase their ability to lead meetings, have a greater understanding of organization dynamics, and so on.

These events are designed and presented by the catalyst. However, members of the organization may participate in both the design and presentation so they can present the educational module on their own at a later time. As with single events, educational events are usually carried out within the context of a larger project.

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