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Fundamental Conceptual Framework

What is an organization?


In EO terms an organization is a system of people that carry out a system of tasks. Together, these two systems make up an enterprise, business, or company. The organization members provide the capabilities and energy to make the enterprise function. Therefore, EO work reserves the term "organization" for the human system. It uses words like enterprise, business, or company for the combination of the organization and the system of tasks its members perform.


Conceptual framework for creating an Extraordinary Orgnization


EO's work is based on a conceptual framework for thinking about how people come together in organizations to produce results and outcomes. First, individual and collective human capability creates all results and outcomes.


However, to have the results and outcomes we want, this human capability must be applied effectively.


Effectively applied capability requires:


It takes an effective organization to meet these requirements.

Effective Organization

To have an Effective Organization people must be willing to contribute their capabilities and to do so effectively. This requires meeting

Four Conditions

EO focus

EO concentrates on helping organization members meet these four conditions through a revolutionay form of organization. Members of Extraordinary Organization perform each of these in an exceptional way. As a result, they produce exceptional results and outcomes in all three dimensions of any enterprise:

  • Quality of work life
  • Customer benefits
  • Business results
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