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Don Yates is uniquely qualified to help people in organizations create an Extraordinary Organization. He has over twenty-five years experience helping organizations. Furthermore, this experience is founded on a strong educational and theoretical base. Through his many years of experience and continued work and learning in organization science he has developed extensive expertise in making this knowledge valuable to people in organizations. For more details read about his:


Don's approach to catalyzing the creation of Extraordinary Organizations is unique in a number of ways including:

He deals with business and organization issues on a systemic basis. No activity or situation stands alone. It is always part of a larger system and must be dealt with as a part of that system. There will be numerous interdependent variables involved in creating an Extraordinary Organization. It must be designed to deal with all of them and, especially, with the ways they interact with each other.

He focuses first on thinking-both the quality of thoughts and the quality of the process of thinking. Most other consultants aim first and foremost at changing behavior. Although all results come from what people do, the quality of their thinking determines the quality of their actions. That thinking, in turn, depends on the quality of the way people think—the process of thinking. By focusing on thinking we gain higher leverage on changing behavior to produce desired results.

He bases his work on a new paradigm, or set of beliefs about organizations. It is fundamentally different from the one underlying the current hierarchical, command and control organizational model. Although work with a client starts within their current beliefs, he will provide new ideas and approaches that open possibilities they have never before considered. In some cases, they will be able to explore ideas that they literally cannot even consider from within the standard belief system underlying most organizations.



Ph.D.    Graduate School of Management, UCLA — Beta Gamma Sigma

MBA      Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration — Distinction, Baker Scholar

BS        Stanford University - Civil Engineering — Distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi



Your Company Does Not Exist; Journal of Business Strategy, January/February 2001 (with Mark Davis) Also published in The Sudbury Valley School Journal, Vol 30, No.5, May 2001

Searching for an alternative management style; Management Review, January 1980 (with Louis J. Alpinieri) [To read this article click here.]

Building Championship Organizations: What Business Can Learn From the Sports World, Employee Ownership Report, National Center for Employee Ownership, Vol XXII, No. 3, May/June 2002 [To read this article click here.]



Pepperdine University — Executive MBA Program; Presidents & Key Executives Program

Golden Gate University — "Human Factors in Project Management"

Univ. of Santa Clara Graduate School of Business — "Communications"

UC Santa Cruz Extension — "People in Business"



For a fuller understanding of how Don developed his current beliefs and expertise read his extended biography.

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