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EO is an expression of its founder's values, which he intends to manifest at all times:

Integrity - Being true to commitments and living by these values.

Honesty - Telling you what he believes to be true.

Authenticity - Who you see is who he is at that moment.

Intelligence - Bringing the highest level of thinking and knowledge he has to every situation.

Creativity - Looking for the best way, which is often "out of the box" and possibly revolutionary.

Intuition - Trusting intuition to help him understand at a very deep level what is really going on and how best to respond to it.

Learning - Continuously learning from those involved, from experience, from any available source of knowledge.




The overarching mission of EO is to humanize business.




EO's founder has made a commitment to develop a culture in work organizations epitomized by:

  • freedom
  • equality
  • community
  • individual fulfillment

replacing the current culture of:

  • command
  • control
  • hierarchy
  • class structure
  • people as means to organizational ends

Meeting this commitment means creating the opportunity for people to use collective work as a means to new possibilities such as:

  • Becoming who they truly are
  • Creating extraordinary organizational results
  • Manifesting what they really want
  • Continually learning about themselves and their world
  • Experiencing true community
  • Experiencing work as play
  • Experiencing a full sense of being while in the process of doing
  • Providing meaningful service
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