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There are three types of information presented in the information section that you will find useful in creating any organization but especially Extraordinary Organizations.

  1. In the two sections of the Library you will find copies or descriptions of various articles, books, papers, and other items produced by EO and by others.
  2. In Resources you will find links to other sites and to individuals or groups that you may find useful.
  3. In E-Letter you will find a description of the Creating Extraordinary Organizations E-letter, a link to archived issues, and a signup form.

Please let us know of any items you would like added to either the Library or the Resources. These can be items from you, from others, or items you would like to see EO develop. Your contributions and suggestions will help make this a truly valuable information source for everyone interested in developing Extraordinary Organizations.


Library - From EO

Extraordinary Organizations has developed these items. The articles are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

Feel free to copy, use, and pass on any EO items on this site. However, if you do pass them on, please do so in full, complete and with the attribution and contact information included in each piece. If you would like to publish any of them please contact EO.


Building Championship Organizations - What Business Can Learn from the Sports World

The introduction to the article reads:

Everyone in business wants to achieve success. That means working effectively together to produce the results that define success for any particular enterprise. If we look at sports, both individual and team, we find a number of factors that lead to championship playing. These same factors are also necessary to win in the business world, but performance generally lags well behind sports on all of them. As a business leader it is up to you to assess your own organization on each of these factors to see if your performance will produce the success you want. [Read]


Building Championship Organizations: What Business Can Learn from the Sports World [Short Version]

This short version was adapted from the previous article for Employee Ownership Report a publication of the National Center For Employee Ownership, Inc. It appeared in the May/June 2002 issue. [Read]


Searching for an alternative management style

This article, co-authored with Louis J. Alpinieri, was published in 1980 in Management Review, an AMACOM publication of the American Management Associations. The introduction to the article describes it like this:

The authors of this article worked for approximately five years to develop an alternative way to manage an organization, which one of them headed as divisional senior vice-president. Their project led to a method that (1) depends on the establishment of specific organizational values and (2) draws heavily on knowledge about organizational behavior to implement these values. Paradoxically, what they arrived at was not a specific set of new "management rules." Instead, they found the "alternative embodied in the actual search" for the better managing processes.

Even though this article is over twenty years old, you will find it describes work that would still be considered cutting edge today. [Read]


Your Company Does Not Exist - Notes on the Extraordinary Organization

This article is co-authored with Mark Davis of the Whitehouse Writers Group. Thanks to his writing ability the ideas, which are EO's, are very well presented. It has been published in The Sudbury Valley School Journal, and a slightly edited version was published in the January/February 2001 issue of the Journal of Business Strategy. The article is the first to introduce some of the beliefs that contribute to the concept of the Extraordinary Organization. [Read]


Live Internet Radio Interview With Don Yates on Creating Extraordinary Organizations

On August 18 Jim Warren of J D Warren Associates interviewed Don on VoiceAmerica.com live internet radio. The interview covers many ideas about extraordinary organizations. [Listen]

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