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One person alone cannot successfully explore something so complex and new as creating Extraordinary Organizations. It requires a large network of individuals and organizations to provide ideas and to act as resources to each other. Listed here are just some of those that have proved useful in one way or another in creating or learning how to create Extraordinary Organizations. If you know of others that belong on this list, please contact EO about them.



BK is without doubt the preeminent publishing resource for materials related to creating Extraordinary Organizations as demonstrated by its Purpose and Mission statements.

Purpose: To create a world that works for all.

Mission: To publish new thinking and leading-edge practice that help people make their lives and work meaningful and productive, create healthy and effective organizations, and promote shared prosperity, stewardship, and economic justice in the world.

It is here that you will find the most leading-edge thinkers and writers in the business and organizational field such as Henry Mintzberg, Margaret Wheatley, Marjorie Kelly, and David Korten.

BK founder,Steven Piersanti, has been named the sole recipient of the 2003 “Champion of Workplace Learning and Performance” award in recognition of leadership, advocacy and commitment to learning and performance in the workplace. This is the premier award given annually to corporate executives and outsiders by ASTD (American Society for Training and Development). ASTD is one of the largest formal associations in the world with over 70,000 members. It is the largest association to focus on workplace learning, training, and performance.

Tina Sung, President and CEO of ASTD personally contacted Steve with news of the award and remarked “It is truly fitting that you receive this award because you are a leading advocate in the field of learning and performance and in the field of humane, effective workplaces. As a publisher, you bring cutting-edge thought leaders to the attention of managers, human resources practitioners, and CEO’s. As an employer you connect values and the bottom line -- keeping the interests of authors, your company and its staff, suppliers and customers in balance.”

ASTD gives two other major awards to practitioners. This year both recipients are BK authors! Henry Mintzberg, widely recognized as one of the five top management academics in the world has been awarded “The Lifetime Achievement Award in Workplace Learning and Performance.” Meg Wheatley has been named the recipient of the “Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance” award.

Essentially, this gives BK the clean sweep in the biggest arena in their area of specialization! To learn more about BK books from these two authors as well as information on Berrett-Koehler and on-line ordering visit them at BK.



  National Center for Employee Ownership

NCEO has done years of pioneering work on the economic ownership side of creating Extraordinary Organizations. From their web site —

Welcome to the NCEO
"The single best source of information on employee ownership anywhere in the world"
(Inc. magazine)

The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) is a private, nonprofit membership and research organization that serves as the leading source of accurate, unbiased information on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), broadly granted employee stock options and related programs, and ownership culture. We are the main publisher and research source in the field, hold dozens of workshops and conferences annually, and provide services to our thousands of members. [To learn more visit NCEO]



Extraordinary Golf SM

The game of golf as presented by Fred Shoemaker both in his book Extraordinary Golf, The Art of the Possible and in his school, Extraordinary Golf SM, presents many metaphors and lessons that can be valuable in creating Extraordinary Organizations. Just one of these is learning to be fully aware of what is really happening as opposed to the stories we make up about it. Among the various schools he offers are some especially targeted for those in business. The school can be reached by:

Phone   800.541.2444

Email     extragolf@aol.com


Sudbury Valley School

This school, started in 1968, is as close to an Extraordinary Organization as any organization EO knows. It has no formal leader and is governed by the School Meeting in which each student and each staff member has one vote. Students, ages four to nineteen, are completely responsible for their own learning; the school has no curriculum and no grades. "Classes" come into being when a student asks someone else to help them learn or when someone offers to talk on a subject with others who are interested. "Corporations", such as the photo lab or computer corporation, that are chartered by the School Meeting carry out various aspects of the school.

Information on the school as well as the ability to purchase any of a number of excellent writings about the school can be found on their web site at:


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